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Abstract submission

The symposium will have space for 15-20 contributed talks, and up to 40 posters. Contributions on all aspects of CTA-related science are invited, in particular in the areas of:

  •  Cosmic particle acceleration

  •  Compact objects and relativistic shocks

  •  Role of cosmic particles in galaxy evolution and star-forming systems

  •  Gamma rays as cosmic probes

  •  Fundamental physics 

  •  Multi-wavelength and multi-messenger observations

  •  Any topic connected to the scientific possibilities of CTA

Send your contribution to The abstract must contain max. 250 words.

The deadline to submit abstracts is March 10, 2019. The scientific organising committee (SOC) will consider the submission for inclusion in the preliminary programme and will notify the authors whether their contribution has been selected for an oral/poster presentation by April 2, 2019.

The poster session will take place on Tuesday May 7 from 18:00 at Palazzo Re Enzo.

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